TCI Online Textbook and Resources Directions

I have linked your page to our online textbook.  Your username is the first initial of your first name, and your complete last name, in all lowercase letters.  Any punctuation marks in your name will not be included. This includes hyphenated last names.  Put both parts of the last name. 

Some students may have the first and SECOND letters of their first name in their username due to students having the same first initial and last name. If you try logging in and the user name does not work, try adding the next letter in your first name.

The password is mrrewa, again all in lowercase.  


A student's name is James Doe-Smith.  This is what he would put in:

Username: jdoesmith
Password:  mrrewa
Teacher email:

Another student's name is John Doe-Smith.  This is what he would put in:

Username: jodoesmith
Password: mrrewa
Teacher email:

If you try to log in and have a problem, please let me know immediately so we can get it fixed.