Computers and Internet Applications

Computers and Internet Applications Links:

  • 21 Things 4 Students ----------------> Where we will do lots of lessons working with the rest of these sites.
  • Edmodo -----------------------------------------------------> Online classroom, get assignments and turn 'em in!
  • Class Dojo ----------------------------->A site for classroom management. Do the right thing and earn points!
  • ------------------------------------------------------> Learn about programming code and get your hour!
  • Scratch -------------------------------------------------------> A fun way to learn about programming and create!
  • Code Academy -------------------------------------------------------------> A more in depth look at programming.
  • Sploder -----------------------------------------------------------------> Make and play your own computer games!
  • GoAnimate ----------------------------------------------------->Create fun cartoon videos to animate your ideas!
  • Animoto ----------------------------------> Create awesome videos and presentations with your pics and vids!
  • Prezi -----------------------------------------------------> Fancy presentation application that zooms you around.
  • Google Drive --------------------------------> Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and share them.
  • Blogger -----------------------------------------------------> Make a blog (web log) about your favorite subjects!
  • Lucidchart ---------------------------------------------------------------->Flow charts are super fun, lots of arrows.
  • Wordle --------------------------------------------------->Word clouds, the more a word is used, the bigger it is!
  • Diigo ---------------------------------> Ever want to save, highlight, or take notes on web sites? Now you can!
  • Typing Speed Test --------------------------------------------------> How many words can you type in a minute?
  • Typing Lessons ------------------------------------------------------------------> THIS IS YOUR DAILY WARM UP!!!
  • More Typing Games, Links, Notes, Documents, Assignments -------------> Handouts and some fun stuff too!

Instructor Mr. Rewa

Phone 323-5708

Building North Middle School

Room 81


Course Description: This course is designed to get 6th grade students ready for the 21st century world where everything happens online and everybody is connected. We will examine and utilize a variety of web based applications to do things like create presentations, communicate with each other, create videos, write blogs, annotate websites, organize ideas, program websites, etc. We will also spend considerable time discussing the perils of cyberspace: online predators, identity theft, copyright infringement, and cyber bullying. Over the course of this nine week class, students will improve their typing skills and learn new ways to use technology in their lives, both at school and at home.

Essential Learning Expectations:

  • Michigan Technology Standards
  • A tentative plan for the course can be found by clicking the "More Links, Notes, Documents, Assignments" link above.

Required Materials:

  • Headphones
  • Flash drive
  • Portage computer log in information
  • Internet access from home (if possible)

Applications and Websites Used:

This course is run using a variety of web based applications. There is no text book. Much of the course material comes from 21 Things 4 Students, which is a site offering lessons on a variety of topics dealing with computers and technology. Lessons and assignments will be completed on the computer and submitted on our online classroom, Edmodo.

Students will have accounts set up the following websites.

  • Class Dojo - Classroom Management site
  • Edmodo - Online Classroom
  • Scratch - Programming basics
  • Code Academy - More in depth programming
  • Animoto - Video creation site
  • Prezi - Presentation program

The students will also be using Google's suite of web based applications.

  • Gmail
  • Google Docs/Drive
  • Blogger
  • Youtube

Login information and passwords will be kept the same for all sites to make it easy for students to remember.

This course is credit/no credit. If you do all of the work and try hard, you will receive credit.