Computers - Quarter 1: Links, Assignments, Assessments, Notes, and Vocab

Below are the documents, assignments, and sites needed for Computers and Internet Applications class.

21 Things 4 Students — This is where many of the lessons we will do are found.

Animoto — Use this to make videos from your clips, pictures, and music.

Blogger — Google's online blogging software.

Bubbles — Type to pop the bubbles!

Class Dojo — Classroom management

Code Academy — More in depth look at programming and writing code.

Desert Typing Racer — Drive your car and take out the competition by correctly typing words.

Diigo — Annotate, highlight, and save webpages.

Edmodo — Our online classroom.

Glogster — You can use this to make awesome posters and other things.

Google Drive — Create, share, and collaborate.

Keyboard Revolution — Its like Dance, Dance, Revolution but with typing!

Keyboard Triathalon — Three events to complete by typing.

Learn Scratch

Lucid Chart — Make charts to bring data to life.

Meteor Typing Blast — Destroy the meteors before they destroy you!

Online Safety Contracts — You can have a contract between you and your kids about being safe online.

Power Typing — Lessons and Games

Prezi — Presentation software.

Project Think

Put the Keyboard Back Together — The keyboard fell apart, you have to fix it.

Rules for Online Safety — Stay safe kids!

Save the Sailboat Race — Don't let the boats get crushed by the falling words!

Scratch — The basics of programming.


Scratch Lesson Plans

Scratch Wiki

Shall We Learn

Spacebar Invaders — Repel the space invaders by typing words.

Technology Tips for Parents

Typing Lessons — This is our daily Warm Up.

Typing Test — This is where we go to see how fast and accurately you can type.

Video Tutorials — Shows you how to do things on Scratch.

Wordle — Use this to make word clouds. The are really cool!