European History

Contact Information

Instructor Lucas Rewa

Phone 269-323-5537

Building Northern High School

Room 2.124


Course Description

European History (since 1300) introduces students to cultural, economic, political and social developments that played a fundamental role in shaping the world in which we live. Without this knowledge, we would lack the context for understanding the development of contemporary institutions, the role of continuity and change in present day society and politics, and the evolution of current forms of artistic expression and intellectual discourse. The course covers information from the Middle Ages through Imperialism in the early 1900s.


Students will:

  • Understand the principal themes in modern European history, such as:
    • Middle Ages
    • Renaissance and Reformation
    • Absolute Monarchies of Europe
    • Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution
    • Age of Revolutions
    • Napoleon
    • Industrialization
    • European Nationalism
    • Imperialism
  • Analyze historical evidence and engage in historical interpretation
  • Express historical understanding in writing

Course Requirements:

  • Tests and Quizzes
  • Papers and Projects
  • Participation
  • Homework
  • Comprehensive Semester Exam
  • Online Coursework

Text used and other recommended materials:

  • World History: The Human Journey. Holt, Rinehart and Wilson. 2005.
  • Various Articles, Text Excerpts, and Primary Sources

Students will not receive their own copy of the textbook. We will use a classroom set and books will be available to check out for homework. Most material will not come from the textbook.


At the end of the marking period, the teacher will calculate students’ grades from tests, daily quizzes, specific assignments, etc. Letter grades will be assigned by the scale below.

Student scores that result in .05 or higher should be rounded up. The following percentage scale applies.

100 - 91.5 = A

91.4 - 89.5 = A-

89.4 - 87.5 = B+

87.4 - 81.5 = B

81.4 - 79.5 = B-

79.4 - 77.5 = C+

77.4 - 71.5 = C

71.4 - 69.5 = C-

69.4 - 67.5 = D+

67.4 - 61.5 = D

61.4 - 59.5 = D-

59.4 - 0 = E

Grades will be rounded up only to the tenth place during this calculation. Students will only earn a passing grade for a marking period if they achieve at or above 59.45%, which rounds to 59.5%.


The final semester grade is based on a composite of two nine-weeks’ grades and the final examination/culminating assessment/project. Each nine weeks is worth approximately 43%, and the semester exam/project or District Culminating Activity assessment is worth approximately 14%.