The Guild: Gaming Club


The Guild is a club where people of all experience and ability levels can come to play the games they love, meet new people, and learn new games. 

The Guild is for table top games, role playing games, trading card games, board games, and anything involving strategy. The Guild is not a video game club. 

The Guild is a BYOG (Bring Your Own Games) club. If you have D&D books and character sheets...bring them! If you have Magic cards...bring them! If you have a super cool game that you think people would love...bring it! If you have friends who are into this stuff...bring them too!

Donations of games or cards are welcome too! We would greatly appreciate any new or old games you or your parents are willing to donate to the Guild!

Our weekly meeting time and day are too be determined! We will see what works best for the majority of people. 

If we have to go back to virtual school, we will have this club remotely. We will use Google Meets and other online services to play games remotely. Use the Meet link on the Guild Google Classroom for the main meeting! Hopefully we stay in person!

Below you will find some helpful links and information below. Make sure you join the Google Classroom and know when the meetings are. Sometimes we might have a special event or theme to a meeting. I will post on the Classroom stream if that is the case. 

Game on!

Getting Started

Fill out this survey!!!

Join the Google Classroom!


Discord - This is a very helpful communication tool for remote gaming. You can create servers and use voice or text chat. 

Spelltable - Online client for playing multiplayer Magic. It is meant for playing Commander using webcams. You can use your phone as a camera too!

Cockatrice - Platform for playing Magic online. Needs a PC to run. Won't work on Chromebooks. :(

Roll20 - Virtual tabletop for games like Dungeons & Dragons. 

Guild Game Room Links

COOl magic links

Magic: The Gathering

The official site. Lots of good stuff here. Rules. Card search. Event info. Check it!


This is a site that allows you to search for every Magic card ever. 

Mythic Spoiler

This site shows the cards from the upcoming sets and indexes from each older set. 


This is my favorite site for deckbuilding. It has a nice visual interface.


Build your deck virtually and get feedback from other players. Very handy tool for MTG players.


Want to build a Commander Deck but don't know what cards to include? Check this site out! 

Mana Base Crafter

Looking for the right lands and mana rocks for your deck? Look no further than this site!

Odyssey Games

Looking for cards for you favorite TCG? Like supporting local businesses? This is the site for Odyssey Games in Kalamazoo. They are my favorite local game store. 

Card Kingdom

Is there a certain card you want but don't want to keep buying booster packs to get it? Try this site out. 


Another good site to buy cards

MTG Salvation

Forums for discussion about cards, rules, and deck ideas