Unit 1 - Causes of WWI




Other Resources

40 Maps that Explain WWI - Can be helpful for many assignments and just for better understanding of the war

Alpha History WWI - This site has some good overviews, timelines, and articles. It can be useful for your MAIN presentations.

Eyewitness to History - WWI - Primary sources from WWI

FirstWorldWar.com - Has lots of good info on the war. Can be used for MAIN presentations and Nature and Practice Packet.

International Encyclopedia of the First World War - This has a wealth of information and articles to use on MAIN presentations and Nature and Practice. Could be useful for Paper 2 essay as well.

PN Library - Use the databases in here for research - especially JSTOR, E-library, and ABC-Clio. For encyclopedia information, check out Britannica.


BBC - The First World War - Episode 1 - To Arms - The video is broken into 5 parts. They should auto-play in order...I think.

Crash Course - Who Started WWI?