Internal Assessment Resources

General Info and Requirements

IB History IA Weebly — The website has information and tips about all of the sections. Use it. It is great. THIS SHOULD BE WHAT YOU USE FIRST AND MOST OFTEN.

Essay Writing Strategies — This site has some great writing/editing tips - especially for counterarguments and editing.

Historical Investigation Site — This website walks you through everything about the IA. Check it out!

IA Historical Investigation: Template — Use this template to help write your IA. You can make a copy in Google Docs to do it digitally or print it out.

Interal Assessment Hints — Helpful tips.

Examples of IAs from IB - Look at these example IAs and the scores they got. This might give you an idea on how to set yours up.

Topic and Research question

Potential Topics - Here are some ideas for general topics if you don't know what you want to research.

Key Historical Concepts - Use this to help write your research question.

Research Question Templates - Easy to use models to base your question on

Writing Research Questions - A template to help you craft an ideal research question

Developing a Research Question — Watch this video to help you with developing a research question.

Samples of Past IA Research Questions — Note - Some of these are bad examples. Use this site for general ideas, not to copy from.

Thesis and Arguments — An in depth look at what to include in your thesis statement. Use this site.


PN Media Center Website — Link to the Library's databases. Make sure you have your password sheet to access the various websites.

Formatting and Style

Chicago Manual of Style — This explains how to cite things properly and how to make footnotes. Read it and use it!

Chicago Style Screencast - Mrs. Miller explains footnotes and citations.

Another Chicago Style Guide

Yet Another Chicago Style Guide

More Chicago Style

Even More on Chicago Style

IA Formatting - Google doc that has guidelines you need to use